Founder of the company Edgar Hoffmann has been dealing with the development and usage of charging and maintenance devices mainly in the field of traction battery use since 2008.

In the course of time, all issues regarding life, capacity and functionality of batteries have been discovered. This experience made customers be completely satisfied with the use of the developed system.

Through numerous analyses it was found, that the previously used "chargers" have not satisfactorily met all the important requirements for the customers; such as weight of the system, duration of the charging and discharging time, reached battery capacity, etc.

Due to some organized researches and continuous search for solutions, the company has been transformed into a limited liability company named HOFFMANN s.r.o. with a registered trademark HOFFMANN®.

In this legal form, the company has been operating since 2011. Some time later, it was divided into several departments that have together developed the newest product for "battery maintenance" with the trade name DF48.

This product has already found its clients in some countries as follows: Chile, Spain, Taiwan, Finland, Germany, Ukraine and other.

In the meantime, the company has been modernized and has hired experienced employees. Apart from the production of hardware parts, HOFFMANN s.r.o. also handles all software issues, looks for solutions and develops procedures within its own software department.


Our goal

Our main objective is to maintain new working lead-acid batteries with a capacity of 90% to 100% for a period of 15 to 18 years. Our regeneration process is an alternative for reducing maintenance costs with the possibility of having greater economic potential in several areas. The unique prototype of our DF48 regeneration charger for lead-acid processes greatly helps in reducing the frequent need to dispose used batteries. The charger also substantially eliminates environmental pollution and reduces the levels of emissions released into the air.

The result of our effort is an effective solution to the current demands in the field of electrical energy storage. Thanks to our device DF48, we are gradually increasing the effectiveness of the companies for which we provide the service. We focus on the operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Dipl.Ing. Branislav Biznár

Company policy

The flagship product of our company is a unique, innovative and stable regeneration charging device DF48, which is designed for regeneration and, more importantly, for obtaining 100% capacity of new lead acid batteries.

By using the latest and most effective technologies, we contribute to the well-being of our planet and thus preserve its beauties for present and future generations. We help to reduce CO2 emissions by extending battery life, reducing lead waste and by reducing power consumption.



DF48 is a special device intended for a use with lead-acid batteries that has several highly effective properties and features:
  • Charging of new lead-acid batteries with the capacity ranging from 90% to 100% for several years.
  • Extension of the battery life to up to 18 years, which has been proven in our company in practice.
  • The disulphation is so effective that even batteries with 0V can be revitalized with DF48.


DF48 can be used in the field of batteries for:
  • Heavy transport and handling equipment
  • Rail cranes, truck cranes
  • Fork-lift trucks
  • Locomotives and rail-machines
  • Mining machinery and equipment
  • Service Truck Centres
  • Power plant systems
  • Family houses (extension of battery life when storing own generated energy)
  • Island battery systems
  • Wind power/hybrid - photovoltaic systems
  • Backup power systems




    Technical specifications


    • The multifunctional device DF48 is fully functional and operable via PC connection.
    • As a result, you can also use the PC fully via Internet.
    • Our DF48 multifunctional device can be fully operated from anywhere in the world.
    • Via any connectable device/system, i.e. via PC, tablet and mobile phone.

    Charging voltage:
    Single phase 220V ~ 240V / 16A / 50 ~ 60Hz
    or 200V ~ 207V / min. 20A / 50 ~ 60Hz

    Maximum rating power: 3500W

    Power cord:
    H05RNF 1.5mm2, UNI Schuko plug

    Power cable to the battery:
    Blue + red wire 50mm2, 3m REMA320 + test leads

    PFC: Yes

    Charging voltage: 6-48V per 2V

    Charging current: 0-50A per 1A

    Discharging current: 0-160A per 1A

    Display: Yes

    USB functions:
    Process recording, update of software and functionalities

    1.LAN - complete operation via PC and Internet
    4.Temperature sensor

    Battery protection against: overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat

    Operating temperature: -20 / +40 ° C, humidity up to max. 60%

    Dimensions: height 760 mm, depth 310 mm, width 440 mm / stainless steel

    Weight: 35kg


    Usually more than a year. After a year, the battery capacity is still higher than its value at which the formatting was started.

    Yes, provided that all battery cells are functional.

    Yes, since the charging process balances the voltage in all battery cells.

    Simply contact our company or one of our sales representatives and we will be more than happy to plan an appointment for our visit, where the whole functionality of the device will be explained in detail.

    In the event of a malfunction, the device will be sent back to the manufacturer to correct the error.

    Our company also provides after-warranty service, which we perform according to the reported incident either by remote access or directly at the customer’s site. In the case of a complicated fault, we will provide a replacement for the necessary repair time.

    Yes, with a purchase of over 5 pieces, we can agree on a price reduction.


    Dipl.Ing. Branislav Biznár


    Dipl.Ing. Branislav Biznár

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